C212 TEC Torch Cartridge: Plate Penetrator

CTS TEC Torch® combines thermal energy and mechanical erosion to quickly defeat a variety of obstacles.  CTS TEC Torch Plate Penetrator penetrates up to 1/2″ steel plate.  Cartridges are fully sealed with an internal electric igniter.  Battery powered handles with SAFE and FIRE buttons instantly activate the 2 second burn.  Cartridges provide a proprietary thermite composition for optimal cutting perfomance and reduced signature.  Cartridges burn in excess of 3000 degrees.

Portable. Compact. Lightweight.

Warning:  This is a potentially hazardous product.  This product may only be handled by those fully trained to handle such products and only with Federal, State and Local regulations.  For more info, call 724.932.2177.


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