CTS-TYPHON-DS100- This 5 report flash bang (165dBA) distractionary device is specifically designed to be integrated onto mobile platforms where weight and complexity is kept to a minimum.  Various options are available for deployment and effect.  They are all below a maximum weight limit of 100 grams.  The DS100 is split into two modules.  One for control and one for effect.  This system can be initiated with a closed contact signal or a positive/negative trigger supplied from any wired or wireless control system.  The DS100 can be configured for either a single event or a number of events from the controlling system when commanded.  Each distraction event has been measured at 165dB @ 1 meter.  Integration onto light weight portable remote-controlled systems (Loki drone) to assist with:  Dynamic/tactical entry, quick deployment, hijack/hostage recovery and anti-terrorist operations.

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